2015 Colorado Cloisonne Ornament

2015 Colorado Cloisonne Ornament


Artisans form the shape by hammering sheets of copper into an internal body. A design is drawn onto the copper ball using a pencil, they begin attaching copper filaments to the ornament which create small compartments or “cloisons”.  The cloisons are filled with the first coat of enamel pastes using eyedroppers for each color and put into a kiln.  The dried paste melts and solidifies.  Three coats of color and firing is done before it is finished.  When the enameling is complete, artisans rub the uneven surface to smooth and flush the edges of the cloisons and the copper is exposed.  It is buffed and polished with sheep skin and finally, the exposed edges of the copper are electroplated with 24-karat gold to bring the piece to life.

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